Monthly punctuality report

The latest report can be downloaded here:

Monthly punctuality report August 2023

Performance Monitoring Report

The Management Board of RFC Rhine-Danube (RFC RD) monitors the performance of rail freight services on the RFC and publishes the results of this monitoring once a year.
During the first year of its operation, RFC RD implemented all KPIs commonly applied by all of the other RFCs, too, in order to facilitate the above-mentioned monitoring process in a harmonised way.
This Performance Monitoring Reports describes the results of the commonly applicable RFC KPIs of the previous year.

Performance Monitoring Report 2022


Results of RFC User Satisfaction Survey 2022


To learn the level of satisfaction of the customers with the performance of the corridor, RFC Rhine-Danube conducted its first user satisfication survey for 2022. The survey was conducted in a harmonised manner, most importantly by using a harmonised questionnaire across all 11 RFCs, and coordinated by RailNetEurope.


We would like to thank everyone who filled it in for the valuable feedback and time.


The summary of the results specific for RFC Rhine-Danube can be downloaded here.

Summary  RNE – RFC RD USS 2022

Our RFC is taking a deeper look into the results in order to define concrete actions for improvement.