Publication of Reserve Capacity TT 2022

We are happy to announce that RFC Rhine-Danube published Reserve Capacity for TT 2022, which is now accessible in PCS and ready to be ordered.

The Reserve Capacity is our product for new recurrent business needs and ad-hoc traffic within the running timetable and consists of remaining capacity in the running timetable. Reserve Capacity TT 2022 is accessible in PCS and can be requested up to 30 days before the first day of operation on all corridor sections. Once your request is submitted, the C-OSS will provide you on behalf of the involved infrastructure managers with an internationally harmonized path offer until 10 days before the first running day at the latest.

Further details on this product and its benefits can be found on our website and in PCS, including all relevant information on the procedures for requesting and allocating capacity, standard running times and train parameters. The CID Book 4 including the principles of capacity management can be downloaded here.

Publication of Final PaP Offer TT 2022

We are happy to announce that RFC Rhine-Danube concluded its first internationally harmonized Pre-arranged Paths (PaPs) for timetable 2022. The corridor’s cooperating IMs were able to offer a draft and final timetable to all requested dossiers in time, which was finally accepted by the applicants end of August 2021.

We thank our cooperating IMs for their good work in harmonizing paths across several borders and thus facilitating the booking process for our customers, operating along the corridor.

Announcement of GDL strike on German network

The GDL union has called a strike as part of the collective bargaining with Deutsche Bahn AG. The strike will start 𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐲 (10 August 2021) 𝐚𝐭 𝟕 𝐩.𝐦. in the DB Cargo division and, according to current information, will last until 2 a.m. on Friday, 13 August.

During this time, considerable restrictions are to be expected in rail freight traffic in Germany.

We will keep you informed on our website.

Disruption on the line Domažlice – Plzeň

Since 4th August 2021, there has been a disruption of rail traffic on the line Domažlice – Plzeň in the Czech Republic due to a train accident. Správa železnic is aiming to ensure operation again from the late afternoon on 6 August 2021.

The re-routing overview of RFC Rhine-Danube can be dowloaded from the following link:

RFC RHD Re-Routing Overview_2021-2022

We will keep posting updates about the evolution of the situation.

Customer Information Platform (CIP) is rolled out to the entire RFC Network

The Customer Information Platform (CIP), an internet-based application operated by RailNetEurope (RNE) on behalf of the Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs), has been successfully rolled out to RFC Rhine-Danube. The information concerning this newest RFC is now available in the CIP productive environment under With this, the CIP now provides customer-relevant information on railway infrastructure in 26 European countries covering the entire RFC Network.

The cornerstone of CIP is an interactive map, which is supplemented by a joint document share point used by all RFCs. The CIP interactive map provides a wide range of information on the rail infrastructure along the routes of RFCs, such as the rail freight-relevant line properties, length of the line sections, ETCS deployment plans and further investment projects. The CIP interactive map also features information about the re-routing options in case of international contingencies appearing along the routes of the RFCs as well as an advanced functionality for route-planning.

In addition to the above, the geographical coverage of CIP is gradually being extended beyond the routing of RFCs, thus covering also the feeder and outflow paths of RFCs’ customers. Moreover, to further improve the experience of CIP users, in early 2021 the graphical user interface of CIP has been upgraded to match the state of the art.

International Disruption in Munich North Shunting Facility (RFC ScanMed)

After the heavy rain on Wednesday night (June 23rd), the technical systems at the Munich North marshalling yard failed after a water ingress. No single wagon traffic is currently possible there. Passing trains can run after consultation with the operations center of DB Netz AG. For freight hauliers, DB is developing alternative concepts for nearby nodes and other marshalling yards. In addition, technicians are on site around the clock to ensure that traffic in the facility can start up again as quickly as possible.

As early as tomorrow, Saturday (June 26th), part of the facility in the Munich North marshalling yard can be used again, but further restrictions are to be expected in the medium and long term.


UPDATE (30 June 2021):

For the time being, a good 20 percent of single wagon traffic at the Munich North marshalling yard is possible again. From the end of July, more than 50 percent of the individual wagons will be able to be processed there again, but technicians will continue to be on site. After heavy rain on the night of June 23rd and a water inrush, the technical systems of the marshalling yard failed. Trains going through to Austria and Italy can pass the station. For the transports in single wagon traffic, the DB has developed alternative concepts to nearby nodes and other marshalling yards.


For further information, please contact RFC ScanMed:

  • Kosta Tsesmetsis, CRM Manager:
  • Paul Dippmann, C-OSS Manager:

Track Damages in the Czech Republic between Břeclav and Hodonín (RFC BA)

Since 24/06/2021, 19:49h the line between Břeclav and Hodonín (line to Přerov) has been closed due to damages after heavy weather conditions. International Freight-Trains need to be rerouted via Brno – Česká Třebová – Olomouc – Přerov/Prosenice.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


UPDATE (28 June 2021):

Správa železnic is aiming to ensure operation by diesel traction on one track. Partial restoration of operations on Tuesday, 29 June 2021, information about the progress of work shall be available soon.

Re-introduction of electric traction is a matter of weeks, unfortunately.

Správa železnic is working on putting the interlocking system into operation. Restoration of level crossings is expected to be completed by Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

Freight railway undertakings are still advised to use the diversionary lines rerouted via Brno–Česká Třebová–Olomouc–Přerov/Prosenice. Traffic on the diversionary lines is smooth and capacity is available.


UPDATE (02 July 2021):

Správa železnic informs that both tracks between Břeclav and Hodonín are now in operation. Restoration of full electric traction operation will be completed in the near future.

Freight railway undertakings operating with electric locomotives only are still advised to use the diversionary lines rerouted via Brno–Česká Třebová–Olomouc–Přerov/Prosenice. Traffic on the diversionary lines is smooth and capacity is available.

Derailment in Germany in the area Munich East with impact on Munich Shunting Facility

Due to the derailment of a cargo train in the Munich area a track switch has been severly damaged. Due to this circumstance no rail freight traffic is possible between Munich East and the Munich Shunting Station.

The DB Netz Brenner production preparation unit assessed the affected trains and got into contact with RUs. A forecast of repair works was communicated. Relocation of personell was coordinated by DB Netz. An overall of 5 -6 paths could be offered each our in this area. Regarding traffic arriving from RFC 9 Rhine-Danube via Salzburg coordination was organised with ÖBB Infra.

Update 15/05/2021: The infrastructure restriction at DB Netz has been removed.