Publication of Reserve Capacity TT 2024

We are happy to announce that RFC Rhine-Danube published Reserve Capacity (RC) for TT 2024, which is now accessible in PCS and ready to be ordered.

The Reserve Capacity is our product for new recurrent business needs and ad-hoc traffic within the running timetable and consists of remaining capacity in the running timetable. Reserve Capacity TT 2024 is accessible in PCS and can be requested up to 30 days before the first day of operation on all corridor sections. Once your request is submitted, the C-OSS will provide you on behalf of the involved infrastructure managers with an internationally harmonized path offer until 10 days before the first running day at the latest.

Further details on this product and its benefits can be found on our website and in PCS, including all relevant information on the procedures for requesting and allocating capacity, standard running times and train parameters. The CID Book 4 including the principles of capacity management can be downloaded here.

Pre-Booking phase for TT 2025 has been finished

By the end of April all train path requests from applicants were sucessfully realised:

  • The volume of pre-booked capacity with 2,12 mio km is 24% higher than last year
  • No conflicts had to be solved
  • The number of submitted dossiers equals to last year (24 Dossiers)

On behalf of the whole team we would like to thank youfor booking your international train paths via PCS!

The next steps are:

Timetable planners are constructing your path requests until Monday, 1st July, when the International Draft Timetable will be published.

From that date on the results are visible to the applicants and you can make justified objections if necessary.

Monday, 19th August: Start of the Final Offer: you have 5 days to accept the offer in PCS.

Come and visit us and our side-event about ‘Improving the performance of cross-border rail freight traffic’ at the Connecting Europe Days

We are pleased to announce that RFC Rhine-Danube will attend the Connecting Europe Days this year again.


The Connecting Europe Days 2024 is going to take place on 2-5 April in the halls of the Square Brussels Convention Center in Brussels. For more information, please visit and


If you would like to exchange on matters with us important for you and your organisation regarding facilitating rail freight traffic, please visit us between 3rd and 5th April at the joint booth of the RFC Network, which will be booth No. 67 in the Grand Hall.


Additionally, we would like to invite all of our interested partners to a special side-event on ‘Improving the performance of cross-border rail freight traffic’, which is co-organised by the RFC Network and some partner organisations in cooperation with the European Commission. It will be held from 9:00 to 10:30 on 4 April 2024 at Studios 314+316.


This side-event will focus on some of the current initiatives improving the performance of cross-border rail freight traffic:


  • Quality Circle Operations (QCO) (RFC Atlantic & RFC Rhine-Alpine)
  • Brenner Corridor and Femern Belt Platforms (RFC ScanMed)
  • Evolution of the dozen: improving train performance both at Schengen borders and non-Schengen borders (RFC Orient/East-Med & RFC Rhine-Danube)
  • Capacity Intelligence project (RFC North Sea-Med)
  • Real Time Data sharing between railway actors (TIS and R-CDM) (RailNetEurope)
  • Enhanced Data Interoperability for Combined Transport stakeholders (EDICT) project (UIRR)


If you would like to participate in the above side-event and in the open exchange of views after the presentations, you can register here:


We are looking forward to meeting you there.

Publication of PaP Offer for TT 2025

Our PaP offer for timetable 2025 is now published and accessible via PCS and the website.

We are glad to inform all our customers and potential customers about the publication of the pre-arranged paths (PaPs) on RFC Rhine-Danube for timetable 2025. The offer is accessible via PCS ( and the PaP Catalogue may be accessed via our website (, containing a clickable map, detailed information sheets per section, a table overview of all PaPs per direction as well as additional information on train parameters, TCRs and distances. For any questions, please address the C-OSS manager (

We are looking forward to welcoming you on the RFC Rhine-Danube network!

Results of User Satisfaction Survey 2023

To learn the level of satisfaction of the customers with the performance of the corridor, RFC Rhine-Danube conducted its third user satisfication survey for 2023. The survey was conducted in a harmonised manner, most importantly by using a harmonised questionnaire across all 11 RFCs, and coordinated by RailNetEurope.

We would like to thank everyone who filled it in for the valuable feedback and time.

The summary of the results specific for RFC Rhine-Danube can be downloaded here.

Our RFC is taking a deeper look into the results in order to define concrete actions for improvement.

Publication of CID TT 2025 and update of 2024

We would like to inform our customers and potential customers that the new Corridor Information Document for Timetable 2025 (Sections 1-4) and the updated Corridor Information Document for Timetable 2024 (Sections 1-4) have been published.

The CID provides information about the conditions of using the RFC comprising infrastructure characteristics, list and description of terminals, capacity allocation rules, and traffic management rules.

The documents can be found on our website (

The documents are accessible via CIP, too (

We are looking forward to welcoming you on the RFC Rhine-Danube network.

PCS training for TT 2025

PCS training will be offered in February 2024, providing you with valuable and practical insights needed for requesting capacity on the Rail Freight Corridors for timetable 2025. Moreover, the training will enhance your knowledge by introducing you to (new) features and functions in PCS, informing you about the news for TT 2025 and giving you the chance to practice live with individual and corridor-specific exercises.

Should you be interested in participating to one or several of the trainings, please contact the C-OSS via , or register directly via the following links:


6 – 7 February in Brussels organized by RFC Group 1:

8 – 9 February in Frankfurt organized by RFC Group 3:

22 – 23 February in Riga organized by RFC Group 4:

27 – 28 February in Budapest organized by RFC Group 2:


RFC Group 1: jointly organized by RFC North Sea-Med, Atlantic and Mediterranean
RFC Group 2: jointly organized by RFC Baltic-Adriatic, Orient/East-Med, Rhine-Danube, Alpine-Western Balkan, and Amber
RFC Group 3: jointly organized by RFC Rhine-Alpine, North Sea-Med, Scan-Med, Orient/East-Med North Sea-Baltic and Rhine-Danube
RFC Group 4: jointly organized by RFC Baltic-Adriatic, North Sea-Baltic and Amber


Please feel free to share this information with other colleagues.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

International disruption on the Munich – Rosenheim section

Due to heavy snowfall in the southern part of Germany during the night from Friday 1st to Saturday 2nd December, DB Netz classified the impact as an ICM case according to the RNE ICM Handbook.

The southern federal state Bavaria and in particular the area around Munich are significantly affected. Since the evening of 1st December, the Munich – Rosenheim section has been closed. No train traffic has been possible here.

The reason is that on this section near the town of Assling, there is a catenary damage, which is currently still under repair.​ Single-track operation is running again since 2 pm today.

DB Netz is checking whether further train journeys are possible.​ Double-track operation is expected to be possible by 6th December.

UPDATE 06-12-2023:

All main lines have been cleared and international traffic is up and running on all lines again. With this improvement and upgrade of capacity, DB Netz has decleared that the international distruption is over.

Some of the shunting yards and service tracks are still down to 50% capacity and DB Netz will continue with the work to clear them up. The forecast of capacity is uncertain at the moment.

We will keep our customers informed about the further proceedings.

Update about the construction work ongoing on the Biatorbágy – Szárliget section on the Budapest – Rajka line in Hungary

We would like to inform you about an update regarding the urgent construction works ongoing on the Biatorbágy – Szárliget section, located on the main line Budapest – Rajka (1) in Hungary.

As informed you before, total closure will be introduced on the above section between 27 October and 17 November 2023.

On the alternative route, Komárom – Székesfehérvár (5), MÁV is going to arrange diesel locomotives for traction of freight trains continuously between 28 October and 18 November in order to maximize the available capacity on this route.

Please note the following:

  • the diesel locomotives will be provided by MÁV Rail Tours Kft.,
  • MÁV will manage the operation of these locomotives,
  • these locomotives will fall under the scope of the agreement between MÁV and the RUs concerned about the reimbursement of the costs related to this temporary capacity restriction.

Railway undertakings are informed that train paths allocated on the main line Budapest – Rajka (1) should not be cancelled, however, alternative train paths on the Komárom – Székesfehérvár – Budapest-Kelenföld section should be requested by the operating railway undertakings.

In order to minimise the unnecessary waiting times, we kindly request the railway undertakings concerned not to plan long dwell times on the above section and to arrange the shifts of locomotive drivers in a way not to generate track occupancy at the stations Komárom and Székesfehérvár.