Our mission – bringing motion into rail freight

In pursuing this ambition, we will…

  • create an ideal environment for international rail freight which ensures both, attractiveness and competitiveness for the rail freight sector, by abolishing operational, administrative and physical hurdles and offering flexible, high quality capacity in adequate volumes
  • team up with relevant stakeholders of the international freight business for a better understanding of the needs and issues to be solved
  • connect with decision-makers in Ministries and Authorities responsible for ensuring a stable and reliable basis for rail freight operations
  • create awareness for the internationalization of rail freight and the responsibility of each stakeholder in the process, aiming at finding appropriate multilateral common solutions
  • support all initiatives and actions to enhance interoperability and reduce operational  and administrative bottlenecks along our corridor
  • support the implementation of RailNetEurope´s project TimeTableRedesign (TTR) along the corridor (in line with the decision of the RNE General Assembly enabling a fast and highly flexible access to capacity for the ever growing ad-hoc needs of the industry
  • improve the language skills in all areas of our corridor (Train Control Centers, border crossings etc.) for employees dealing with international rail freight enabling seamless cross-border communication
  • establish an attractive East-West Corridor by connecting the industrial centers between Strasbourg and the seaport of Constanta and also Cierna and Tisou as entry point from the Ukraine

Our vision – being part of a seamless transport chain

We put RAIL FIRST – we strive to overcome individual national interests and act TOGETHER as mobility chain.  Pursuing this goal in our very own business interest, we also contribute to a Single European Rail Network