The PaP Catalogue TT 2025 was published on 9th January 2024. Customers are asked to submit their capacity requests directly via PCS.

The Corridor Information Document, which contains all relevant information about the corridor can be found here.
The Framework for Capacity Allocation can be downloaded here.

PaP Catalogue TT 2025

What are the Pre-arranged paths (PaPs)?

PaPs are a joint offer of the Infrastructure Managers/Allocation Body of the countries involved in RFC Rhine-Danube which represent pre-defined train paths with harmonized border times for the annual timetable. The capacity is handed over to the C-OSS as a single point of contact for publication and capacity allocation. The PaPs constitute an off-the-shelf product for international rail freight capacity which is determined by specific parameters such as load, length or locomotive type. They are protected from changes due to other capacity requests in the planning tools of the Infrastructure Managers/Allocation Body and are published transparently via the IT tool PCS.

How to apply for capacity?

The C-OSS accepts capacity requests from railway undertakings, international groupings of railway undertakings and other persons or legal entities, such as shippers, freight forwarders and combined transport operators (in accordance with Article 15 of Regulation (EU) 913/2010).

All RFC capacity requests need to be submitted via the web application Path Coordination System (PCS), following the corresponding PaP process. Via this RNE tool, the pre-coordination process between applicants and the coordination process with Infrastructure Managers/Allocation Body, under coordination of the C-OSS, is handled.

Regular PCS trainings are organized together with other RFCs and supported by RNE during the PaP sales phase (January – April each year). Individual trainings can be scheduled upon request. If you require more information on PCS as the unique tool for international RFC capacity or if you would like to apply for PCS user access, please contact the C-OSS manager.

How does the sales process look like?

The PaP process starts 16 months before the TT change in December (Date X). Customers may apply for capacity between mid-January (X-11) and mid-April (X-8) via the international booking tool PCS.