2024.05.09. vndesign_admin

Pre-Booking phase for TT 2025 has been finished

By the end of April all train path requests from applicants were sucessfully realised:

  • The volume of pre-booked capacity with 2,12 mio km is 24% higher than last year
  • No conflicts had to be solved
  • The number of submitted dossiers equals to last year (24 Dossiers)

On behalf of the whole team we would like to thank youfor booking your international train paths via PCS!

The next steps are:

Timetable planners are constructing your path requests until Monday, 1st July, when the International Draft Timetable will be published.

From that date on the results are visible to the applicants and you can make justified objections if necessary.

Monday, 19th August: Start of the Final Offer: you have 5 days to accept the offer in PCS.