2023.10.24. vndesign_admin

Update about the construction work ongoing on the Biatorbágy – Szárliget section on the Budapest – Rajka line in Hungary

We would like to inform you about an update regarding the urgent construction works ongoing on the Biatorbágy – Szárliget section, located on the main line Budapest – Rajka (1) in Hungary.

As informed you before, total closure will be introduced on the above section between 27 October and 17 November 2023.

On the alternative route, Komárom – Székesfehérvár (5), MÁV is going to arrange diesel locomotives for traction of freight trains continuously between 28 October and 18 November in order to maximize the available capacity on this route.

Please note the following:

  • the diesel locomotives will be provided by MÁV Rail Tours Kft.,
  • MÁV will manage the operation of these locomotives,
  • these locomotives will fall under the scope of the agreement between MÁV and the RUs concerned about the reimbursement of the costs related to this temporary capacity restriction.

Railway undertakings are informed that train paths allocated on the main line Budapest – Rajka (1) should not be cancelled, however, alternative train paths on the Komárom – Székesfehérvár – Budapest-Kelenföld section should be requested by the operating railway undertakings.

In order to minimise the unnecessary waiting times, we kindly request the railway undertakings concerned not to plan long dwell times on the above section and to arrange the shifts of locomotive drivers in a way not to generate track occupancy at the stations Komárom and Székesfehérvár.