2023.07.03. vndesign_admin

Invitation to submit capacity wishes for timetable 2024-2025

The corridor Capacity wishlist survey is now available to submit your international capacity wishes and needs for 2024-2025.

The results of the survey will be one of the main elements that the Rail Freight Corridors will use to build the PaP Catalogues for timetable 2025 and the Reserve Capacity for timetable 2024.


You can find the survey template along with a tutorial here:

  • the template to be used for expressing your international capacity wishes – DOWNLOAD FILE 
  • brief guide (template tutorial) to help you to fill in the template – DOWNLOAD FILE


Please return your filled-in file to any OSS of a Rail Freight Corridor (please find the contact list below). We ask you to submit your international capacity needs by 15th August, but understand that a different optimal sending date (sooner or later) might be more advisable in certain cases. Please contact your C-OSS of choice if you have any doubts about this matter.