2023.04.12. vndesign_admin

Call for Interest for Conducting a Transport Market Study

RFC Rhine-Danube is planning to update its Transport Market Study based on the results of a joint project of all 11 RFCs by the end of 2024. The RFCs requested RNE to coordinate the joint project, and they are now searching for a consultant who is willing to prepare the necessary common basis for the updates of the 11 individual studies.


If you are interested in providing the requested service to the RFCs and RNE, please refer to the tender documentation available on the following websites:




By using a common basis, the Transport Market Studies of the RFCs will become comparable with each other, and the joint project will result in an optimised way of using the financial and thr human resources of all participating stakeholders.


It is expected that all ministries, RUs, and terminals along the RFCs will be approached with a request for data and information by the consultant. We will communicate the planned timeframe of the input gathering when available to our stakeholders.