2022.06.09. vndesign_admin

Rules of Procedures for Train Performance Management

The Management Boards of RFC Rhine-Danube and RFC Orient/East-med have approved common rules of procedures for train performance management in order to align these procedures on the significant length of their overlapping sections. These procedures were agreed with the interested members of the RU Advisory Groups of the two RFCs, too.

You can download the document here: https://rfc-rhine-danube.eu/train-performance-management/


Infrastructure Managers and Railway Undertakings commonly analysing the performance of freight traffic along the RFC in line with the above document and proposing and implementing improvement actions may result in more satisfied customers and end-customers.

To this end, if you are a Railway Undertaking running your trains along RFC Rhine-Danube or a terminal operating your facilities along the RFC and you are interested in participating in the bi-annual joint meetings of the Operations and Performance Working Groups of the two RFCs, please contact the Permanent Management Office.