Presentation of the corridor and possible market driven infrastructure needs in Brussels.

During the Rhine-Danube Core Network Corridor meeting Mr. Jean-Marc Hillenberg, Managing Director of RFC Rhine-Danube (RFC RHD) introduced in his presentation the new RFC RHD, its strategy, and the needs of Railway Undertakings regarding the development of infrastructure (according to the initiative of Ms Elisabeth Werner). Mr Hillenberg emphasised the importance of abolishing operational and administrative bottlenecks on the corridor, and that every stakeholder has its responsibility in this process. The attractiveness of rail freight can only be ensured if the service provided is reliable and efficient when compared with other modes of transport.

Launching the joint work with business partners.

The kick-off meeting of the Advisory Groups of Railway Undertakings and Terminals was organised by the Romanian Infrastructure Manager, CFR, on 9th October 2019, in Bucharest. The representatives of railway undertakings elected Mr. Martin Erlinger (Rail Cargo Austria) as their spokesperson. In her opening speech Ms. Karla Peijs stressed the importance of cooperation between CNC and RFC, the goal is to increase the modal shair of rail and make it more competitive. This could be achieved by increasing the commercial speed, offering adequate and reliable capacity for flexible transport needs (e.g. TTR), reducing temporary capacity restrictions by ensuring a multi-annual safeguarding of budget elements by the ministries of transport and hereby enabling IMs a long term planning of works.

Establishment of the Executive Board of the Rhine-Danube Rail Freight Corridor.

During the TEN-T & CEF Conference on 28th March 2019 the representatives of the Member States signed the Joint Declaration of Intent on the establishment of the Executive Board of the Rhine-Danube Rail Freight Corridor. The Executive Board (ExBo) consists of the representatives of the Ministries of Transport and/or Infrastructure of the concerned countries. It’s main tasks beside the supervision of the Management Board activities do also include the treatment of issues where their intervention is necessary.